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Brick Painting

Painting the exterior brick on your property makes it more visually appealing and attractive to buyers, but if you aren’t selling, painting the brick is also a nice way to freshen up the property. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s best to contact a professional for brick painting.   

What is Brick Painting?

Most properties have a brick exterior that can be painted to improve its curb appeal and increase the asking price if you are selling the home. Brick can be painted any color to suit your personality or the neighborhood, but there are pros and cons. It’s best to hire a professional. 

Issues Painting Bricks 

Although brick can be painted using the correct primer and paint, it can be a bad idea to paint the exterior wall without the proper skill or experience. When you apply paint to brick, it seals the pores preventing moisture from escaping. Over time, trapped moisture degrades the brick.   

Benefits of Using Professionals

A professional exterior painter will use the methods and materials to ensure the brick can breathe and doesn’t degrade over time. Achieving this result requires knowledge of brickwork preparation, the correct primer, and the right kind of porous paint to maintain quality bricks. 

George Hamby Painting  

George Hamby Painting is a professional painting service in the Maryville region. With decades of experience painting interiors and exteriors, you are in safe hands with George Hamby Painting.