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Fence Painting & Staining

If you have a garden, you want to look out at it and enjoy its appearance; you also want it to give the right impression to people in the local area or prospective buyers. There are two main options: painting or staining your garden fence. Contact George Hamby Painting for details.  

Need your Fence Painted?

If you have a wooden fence in your garden, it’s a good idea to paint it or stain it to maintain the appearance of your garden. Painting a fence is a simple way to change the color to something more inspiring or appropriate. Over time, the paint will crack and peel – it will need repainting.   

Why Consider Fence Staining?

Fence staining also changes the color of your fence, but in a slightly different way. Instead of coating the wood with a different color, the stain seeps into the wood, making it darker and richer. Stain does not peel or flake over time; however, it will fade and need to be topped up.   

Benefits for Staining and Painting 

There are advantages to both painting and staining your garden fence. Paint is transformative and can be used to create the right effect in your garden; on the other hand, staining enhances the natural quality of the wood and shows fewer signs of wear – it is also easier to reapply stain. 

Professional Painting Services

There’s nothing to stop you from buying some paint or stain from your local hardware store and spending a weekend on the job, but hiring a professional service will provide you with a better result; it will also free up your weekend that you can use for a passion, interest, or family time.