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Trim Painting

George Hamby Painting is a professional interior painter based in Maryville. We have decades of experience with all kinds of interior decoration work, including walls, ceilings, and trims. Trims might seem like a small part of interior decor, but they can make a big difference to the rooms.  

What is Trim Painting? 

Windows, doors, and baseboards all have trims that need to be professionally painted if you want the best quality interior decoration for your home. When you don’t paint the trims properly, they look rough, unkempt, and discordant with the walls and ceilings. Create a tidy interior trim.  

Importance of Trim Painting 

Painting the trims properly brings a finish to your home that improves your comfort and life quality; it also reduces your stress levels because there are no visible signs of rough edges, splintered wood, or flaking paint. Trim can also help to sell your home when it’s on the market.  

Benefits of Professional Painting 

Anyone can paint the interior trims of their home using conventional wall paint, but that doesn’t give you the best results. To get the best results for your trims, you should use self-leveling paint, paint with a glossy finish, sag-resistant paint, and paint with non-yellowing properties.  

Professional Trim Painter 

The best option is to hire a professional interior painter for your trims; that way, you guarantee a high-quality finish with the right paints. Hiring a professional means the trims won’t flake or turn yellow for a long-time, and you don’t have any rough points.