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Dock Painting

A dock can be beautiful and functional; it can also be unsightly and aging. Paining the dock is an excellent way to bring vibrancy back to the waterside and improve the appearance and value of your property. A professional dock painting service upgrades a dock with the right processes. Find out about dock painting services and why you should choose George Hamby Painting.   

What is Dock Painting? 

Whether you own a boat or you live near water, you might have a dock that requires maintenance from time to time. Dock painting is the process of treating and painting your dock to restore it to its original condition. This improves the appearance and enjoyment of the dock.  

Who Needs Dock Painting 

Docks are common on properties located near lakes, rivers, and canals. Some properties have a dock installed to facilitate a water-based hobby, while others have one as part of the property but don’t use it. Either way, painting the dock professionally improves the property’s valuation.

Dock Painting Processes 

A professional dock painting business will assess the dock and determine whether it can be painted with a stain and finish or whether it needs some remedial work beforehand. Some older docks have chips and splinters in the wood that need to be sanded before the dock painting.  

George Hamby Painting 

George Hamby Painting is a professional painting service operating in Maryville. Since 1998, George Hamby Painting has been repairing, staining, and painting docks to a professional standard. Don’t risk an unprofessional result; contact George Hamby for a free quote today.