Protecting a concrete floor with a specialized coating system creates a surface that provides protection against chemical attack, deterioration, contamination, moisture vapor emissions and thermal cycling. Certain floor coating systems impart non-skid and slip resistant characteristics to help shield against costly workplace falls while other systems provide a smooth non-porous surface that is easily cleaned. George Hamby Painting provides industrial and commercial concrete coating applications consisting of fluid applied and seamless resinous flooring, waterproofing membranes, dust proofing, concrete resurfacing, crack and spall repair, expansion joint filling and grade sloping. Our concrete coating and sealing services are performed by utilizing a variety of materials and techniques.

Coating Technologies Include:

  • Epoxies
  • Polyurethanes
  • Polyureas
  • Electrostatic Dissipative and Conductive Coatings
  • Hybrid Polymer / Cement Overlays
  • Moisture Tolerant / Mitigating Resins
  • Thin Film Sealers

Application Methods Include:

  • Squeegee and Back Roll
  • Gauge Rake
  • Rotary Pumping
  • Gravity Flow
  • Spraying

Regardless of the coating system to be installed, pre-coating preparation of the substrate is critical to the success and longevity of the finished product. George Hamby Painting’ staff of trained experts possesses the knowledge and skill to evaluate each project’s specific condition and develop a strategy for preparing the surface to be coated in a manner that will maximize the lifespan of the installation.

Preparation Methods Include:

  • Existing Coating, Glue and Thinset Removal
  • Shotblasting
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Power Scrubbing
  • Crack Detailing
  • Joint Filling
  • Surface Repair


We routinely perform pre-installation substrate testing to check moisture vapor emission rate (MVER/MVT), hardness, surface profile, and adhesion to ensure that the finished coating meets the standards and requirements of the application. George Hamby Painting’ floor coating and sealing services produce an end product that can stand up to the most rigorous environments while minimizing environmental impact and maintaining VOC compliancy. Our trusted team of highly trained professionals is here to meet and exceed your expectations for quality, durability and service. Protect your investment and put us to work for you today!