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Dock Staining

If you have a dock, it will need to be maintained every now and again to prevent it from becoming rundown and damaged by the weather. When it comes to dock treatments, staining is better than painting as it lasts longer and is easy to restore. Staining also gives a quality finish.   

Need Your Dock Stained?

When it comes to improving the quality of a dock, there are two main options, painting and staining. However, the most popular option is staining because the paint has a shooter lifespan and requires more maintenance. Dock stain seeps into the wood and protects it long-term,   

The Benefits of Dock Staining? 

Dock staining is very effective; the stain can be procured in different hues, so you can choose a darker hue for the dock that gives it a rich finish and protects it from harsh weather conditions. Unlike paint, the stain does not flake or chip; it can be reapplied easily to maintain dock quality.  

Professional Services 

Of course, anyone can buy some dock stain from a local hardware store and apply it to the dock over the weekend, but it can be time-consuming and doesn’t always lead to the best results. Professional services prepare the wood first by sanding it and repairing chips for the ideal finish.   

George Hamby Painting 

George Hamby Painting does not only focus on interior decoration; we also treat and maintain docks and more. Hiring a professional dock painter ensures you get the best results without any stress or lost time. Contact George Hamby Painting today.